Hi that me !!!

Professional Website Developer from Mumbai

I am Meher K Bala from Mumbai, India.

I work as a Website Consultant, WordPress Website Developer and Social Media Manager.

I believe that life keeps on teaching me something new every second. I either learnt in personal or professional life. Learning should never stop.

Some Facts About Me

  • Commerce Graduate
  • Responsible
  • Team Oriented
  • Reliability
  • Software Development Course from NIIT
  • Easy-going
  • Great Communicator
  • Love to capture photographs
  • Innovative & Quality
  • Attentive to details
  • Positive work ethic
  • Love to travel
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More About Myself

Once my graduation was completed, I had to do an internship at an IT company to complete my NIIT course. Luckily, after a couple of interviews, I got into a small IT company headed by Ivan Bayross.

On my second day of joining I was introduced to WordPress. After a couple of days, I was told to work on Joomla. I continued to work on different projects in Joomla and I started loving it. 2 years later I was brought back to WordPress and since then I have not looked at any other CMS.


2 reasons WHY I LOVE WordPress:

  1. Easy to USE and teach non-technical people
  2. Helpful WordPress Community

“Creating Something Out Of Thin Air Is Easy.
Its’s Finding The Air That’s Hard.”

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